About Satya Analytics

Satya Analytics is a data analytics company based in Santa Barbara, CA. We have developed a breakthrough algorithm that analyzes sentiment to deliver an unbiased and objective view of consumer, influencer, and voter attitudes. Satya’s Sentiment Analysis Engine far exceeds the accuracy of current artificial intelligence techniques that struggle to tie sentiment correctly to the topics being discussed. Using unique, proprietary algorithms, and gathering data from thousands of curated sources, Satya goes beyond current metrics to true user or consumer sentiment, making analysis of preferences, markets, polling, and customer satisfaction far more nuanced and accurate.

Our Team

Simon Knight
Chief Technology Officer and CEO of Satya Analytics

Mr. Knight received his M.B.A. from Warwick Business School and is a consulting CTO. He started his career working in R&D with the originators of C++, Pascal, ADA, and Modula 2, and became President of JPI TopSpeed, a software company spun-off from Borland International to specialize in software development tools. He has operations and marketing experience from his experience as global CIO of IKON Office Solutions where he managed operational transformations and implemented enterprise Business Intelligence and data analytics tools.

Carrie West
Director of Innovations

Ms. West is the co-Founder of Domus Systems, an online service that tracked housing needs and programs for HUD, state and local agencies. As CEO of Domus, she brought the company to profitability before achieving a strategic sale to Interthinx and was a part of their successful IPO and transition to Verisk Analytics. She received her M.F.A. from the American Film Institute and has been a Web content developer and Internet CEO specializing in IT and marketing.