Deeper Insights show Emotional Swings in Sentiment as
Tourism Businesses Cope with Potential Visitor Issues

NextGen Methodology Taps into Unfiltered Sentiment of over 3.2 Million Individuals


Dateline: Santa Barbara, CA – September 16 2020

Tourism Alchemy™ (a new division of Satya Analytics’ Sentiment Alchemy group) has released its latest study on travelers’ sentiment utilizing a unique proprietary methodology that captures sentiment from Social Media, news site comments, blogs, and forums.

Unlike other studies, Tourism Alchemy™’s biweekly reports captures the sentiment of over three million individual voices and delivers an unfiltered perspective and a truer reflection on emotions, attitudes, feelings and insight around travel. This allows a finer level of detail and a greater level of accuracy far beyond surveys and Social Media highlights.

Key findings from the latest study show that the impact on sought after local destinations experiencing a higher volume of drive market visitors due to COVID-19 travel concerns, may have them take unprecedented steps to control the strain on destinations . For example, the study shows that the Lake Tahoe area is considering registering as a National or State Park requiring entrance fees. It won’t be long before similar areas around the country consider unusual measures to protect their communities. It’s important to note that destinations with a high reliance on tourism will need to address these potential visitor issues long term. Coordinated efforts between local governments and the travel industry are important steps to take in addressing these concerns. With the coming of winter and the potential of a COVID-19 second wave, outdoor dining will become less practical in many locations, posing a further challenge for restaurants. However, while fear is the dominant emotion expressed, a significant proportion of potential diners are cautious rather than afraid. Well publicized safety measures and a reduction in COVID-19 spread could generate increases in restaurant bookings.

Bob Gilbert, Chief Travel & Tourism Strategist, and consumer of travel data intelligence, commented “Coordinated efforts between destinations, and travel suppliers will be important to provide a balanced sense of safety and affordability to attract visitors. This is even more critical as the Travel Industry launches its “Let’s Go” campaign. Still, the economic volatility and lack of a new stimulus package adds to the uncertainty of the next several months for travelers. We are looking at how this will impact the holiday season as typically, the planning and booking stages are typically well advanced at this time.”

Simon Knight, CEO noted “Getting to the truth of an issue is the paramount objective. There are numerous research companies in travel and tourism that provide insight, ours goes deeper into the emotions behind travelers’ opinions and attitudes. Our data is proven to be more accurate and detailed than other sentiment analysis tools. Social Media can be skewed: for example, 80% of Tweets are from around 2% of the population, and the world of politics. That distorts results significantly. We sample a larger number of sources and individual user accounts (anonymized) in and beyond Social Media to ensure that loud and frequent voices don’t dominate and skew the data.”

About Satya Analytics

Satya Analytics was developed by Simon Knight, using NextGen algorithmic formulas he has used in the political electoral arena with Satya Analytics, where understanding voter sentiment is critical.

About Tourism Alchemy™

Tourism Alchemy™ is a division of the Sentiment Alchemy family of products under Satya Analytics. Satya Analytics is a privately held business in Santa Barbara, CA. Satya was established in 2016 to provide an unfiltered source of truth on sentiment analysis in the world of voting and elections. Sample sizes in Tourism Alchemy reports reflect an average of 300 million data points representing over 2.7 million individual voices, increasing every week as more data is analyzed.

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