Tourism Alchemy Releases Destination Use Case
Demonstrating the Value of the Emotionality Index℠

NextGen Methodology Transforms Emotional Data Into Actionable Initiatives


Dateline: Santa Barbara, CA – February 18th 2021

Tourism Alchemy (a division of Satya Analytics’ Alchemy group) has released its first use case using it’s highly anticipated Emotionality Indexsm℠. The Emotionality Indexsm℠ uses definable cohorts to track group behaviors at the micro segment level, making it an easier and more reliable study of the “Why” to travelers’ reasons and desires for travel. This study’s results are actionable making decisions around marketing budgets more effective. And after a year of uncertainty, Tourism Alchemy’s Emotionality Indexsm℠ brings unbiased insights you can trust.

Previously, organizations’ desire to create personas, an integral part of understanding group dynamics, was a time intensive and costly process. Tourism Alchemy’s Emotionality Indexsm℠ changes all of that using real-time data gathered using proprietary technology to analyze and create cohorts in a matter of days. Tourism Alchemy’s technology analyzes over 600 million data points to bring out highly segmented groups that can then be used to create powerful and effective marketing campaigns.

Key findings from the latest study shows that by comparing visitors with the overall group of travelers, we can analyze differences to reveal competitive advantages and use this to create messaging specific to the intended audiences. The study also shows the predominant cohorts that are interested in a particular region, their psychographic motivations and the likelihood of their visiting a destination. This study also shows the ease in which Tourism Alchemy’s Emotionality Indexsm℠ can develop and study cohorts in a fraction of the time for lower costs. This is great news for all groups within Travel, Tourism and Hospitality particularly in the midst of large reductions in budgets and jobs due to the pandemic.

Bob Gilbert, Chief Travel & Tourism Strategist, and consumer of travel data intelligence, commented “This breakthrough is a sea change and now offers DMOs and hotels tremendous value and options in identifying and engaging with key target audiences in real time. There is no reason to spend a lot of money for data that doesn’t offer actionable outcomes. With limited budgets, this program delivers less wastage and higher ROI.

Simon Knight, CEO noted “No marketer wants to present a message that is off-key or irrelevant. Ignoring the critical emotional and psychological aspects that significantly impact purchasing behavior risks missing up to 90% of potential customers. Tourism Alchemy’s Emotionality Indexsm℠ offers the ability to engage with an audience using messaging and content that is more likely to resonate with them.

About Tourism Alchemy

Tourism Alchemy is a division of the Alchemy family of products under Satya Analytics. Satya Analytics is a privately held business in Santa Barbara, CA. Satya was established in 2016 to provide an unfiltered source of truth on sentiment analysis in the world of voting and elections. Sample sizes in Tourism Alchemy reports reflect an average of 600 million data points representing over 4.5 million individual voices, increasing every week as more data is analyzed.

About Satya Analytics

Satya Analytics was developed by Simon Knight, using NextGen algorithmic formulas he has used in the political electoral arena with Satya Analytics, where understanding voter sentiment is critical.

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