Tourism Alchemy Launches Dynamic Personas℠ for Improved Market Effectiveness

The key to increased engagement, conversion and higher ROI


Dateline: Santa Barbara, November 30, 2021

Tourism Alchemy has announced their new offering of Dynamic Personas℠. Based on the use of persona clusters common in marketing research, Dynamic Personas℠ take the concept of personas to a deeper and increasingly more valuable level.

Tourism Alchemy has refined the concept of personas using real time data from over 3 billion data points. These insights capture the shifting moods of consumers in today’s fast paced world and gives DMOs and travel industry professionals a much needed way to stay in tune with the ever volatile times. DMOs and their agencies will have a competitive advantage by gaining valuable data previously unavailable. Tourism Alchemy delivers a set of micro-segmented target audiences that are the result of NextGen analysis of emotionality, which unlike traditional sentiment is actionable. In addition, removing the sentiment layer and doubling down on the emotional attributes and preferences of travelers, gets faster results, and generates a higher ROI.

Bob Gilbert, Tourism Alchemy’s Chief Travel and Tourism Strategist noted “it is time to move away from static, old fashioned cohorts, hypothetical personas and clusters. To think that these collective audiences remain the same for years is absurd. Made-up vignettes have no place in today’s marketing toolbox. Identifying and understanding rapidly changing emotions and personality traits in target audience groups will enhance engagement, conversion, and ROI. Emotions change weekly, sometimes daily and Tourism Alchemy analyzes this dynamically.

Tourism Alchemy analyzes data from a rapidly growing pool of over 12 million individuals, tapping directly into the most up to date opinions and feelings of today’s travelers. Micro-segmentation leverages deeper and more valuable insights around emotionality and preferences, bringing an understanding of audience behaviors and decision making that builds more effective messaging and delivers stronger results.

Added Simon Knight, Tourism Alchemy CEO “Emotions that trigger decisions change over time. Our proprietary algorithms are far more actionable than surveys. Getting to actionable data as quickly as possible will benefit those destinations that are agile. We dive deeper than legacy sentiment analysis and don’t just look at the tip of the iceberg. Our unique approach to segmentation and comp set analysis uncovers trustworthy insights that allow DMOs to fully optimize their messaging and digital assets to promote compelling experiences that resonate with their target audience.”

About Tourism Alchemy

Tourism Alchemy is a division of the Alchemy family of products under Satya Analytics. Satya Analytics is a privately held business in Santa Barbara, CA. Satya was established in 2016 to provide an unfiltered source of truth on sentiment analysis in the world of voting and elections. Sample sizes in Tourism Alchemy reports reflect an average of 600 million data points representing over 4.5 million individual voices, increasing every week as more data is analyzed.

About Satya Analytics

Satya Analytics was developed by Simon Knight, using NextGen algorithmic formulas he has used in the political electoral arena with Satya Analytics, where understanding voter sentiment is critical.

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