Respected Industry Leader Wendy Kheel Joins Tourism Alchemy™ Advisory Board
Kheel brings depth of research experience and vision to Tourism Alchemy


Dateline: Santa Barbara, CA – October 8th 2020

Tourism Alchemy™ (a new division of Satya Analytics’ Sentiment Alchemy group) has announced the addition of Wendy Kheel to their advisory board. Wendy, the former Vice President Tourism Insights at Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board, brings over twenty years experience to Tourism Alchemy™, the NextGen Sentiment Analytics tool that is changing the face of understanding visitor and traveler insights.

Bob Gilbert, Chief Travel & Tourism Strategist, commented, “Wendy is very respected in the tourism research eco-system. She understands what DMO’s really want. Wendy’s intellect and wisdom will be a huge asset to our team.”

Wendy’s reputation in tourism research is second to none. She is a frequent industry presenter and is acknowledged as a subject matter expert. Her valuable insights have always provided actionable outcomes and her business acumen and years of hands-on experience have positioned Wendy as a true thought leader. She will be an integral role in the growth of Tourism Alchemy™.

Wendy added, “I am thrilled to be part of the Tourism Alchemy™ team. Participating in transformational research technology is exciting. I enjoy the focus on emotional analysis as emotions run deeper and fuel sentiment. Sentiment is traditionally positive or negative. Emotions have a far greater range and finer level of detail that provide more actionable insights.”

Tourism Alchemy™ focuses on emotions that fuel sentiment. Sentiment is more than either a positive or negative response. Current sentiment analysis can oversimplify data. When combined with emotional analysis, a more sophisticated and complex system, there are exact insights that can translate into actionable ideas. Emotional analysis relies on a wide range of feelings rather than a couple of static categories. It can detect specific emotions like happiness, satisfaction, or excitement. Tourism Alchemy™’s emotional analysis goes deeper into audiences motives and impulses. It gives more valuable and exact insights that are easily transformed into action.

Simon Knight, CEO noted “Wendy has a great industry reputation and can translate high level data into everyday language - which is extremely valuable. Her professional insight will help guide Tourism Alchemy™’s future growth. She is a welcome addition to our group and our efforts.”

About Satya Analytics

Satya Analytics was developed by Simon Knight, using NextGen algorithmic formulas he has used in the political electoral arena with Satya Analytics, where understanding voter sentiment is critical.

About Tourism Alchemy™

Tourism Alchemy™ is a division of the Sentiment Alchemy family of products under Satya Analytics. Satya Analytics is a privately held business in Santa Barbara, CA. Satya was established in 2016 to provide an unfiltered source of truth on sentiment analysis in the world of voting and elections. Sample sizes in Tourism Alchemy™ reports reflect an average of 300 million data points representing over 2.7 million individual voices, increasing every week as more data is analyzed.

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